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Released 1971 One By One is more muted and more emotional. The songs seem a bit more personal (“One By One”, “Friendly Man”), and the harmony arrangements are less ornate, grayer. However, I was initially surprised at how much I was digging the “Light My Fire” cover. For the Free Design, it’d become this jazzy, psych-lounge odyssey that should have been playing during the love scenes in all the bizarre sci-fi think pieces big at the time. Another oddity: what are A-list jazz guys Billy Cobham, Randy Brecker and Bob Mann doing on a Free Design record? “Felt So Good” (and the less convincing “Go Lean on a River”) is kind of a clean version of the big band rock made infamous by Blood, Sweat & Tears, given a kick by the heavyweight ringers. My faves are the title track, “Friendly Man” and “Going Back”, the latter of which should probably be copied and branded by Rufus Wainwright ASAP. — Dominique Leone, April 06, 2005


Chris Dedrick Vocals, Arrangements, Piano
Sandy Zynczak (née Dedrick) Vocals
Ellen Dedrick Vocals, Percussion

Bob Man: Guitar, Stu Scharf: Guitar, Jerry Friedman: Guitar, Pat Ribboloff: Paino, Paul Griffin: Organ, Andy Muson: Bass, Billy Cobham: Drums, Tom Szezesniak: Bass, Gary Gauger: Drums, Randy Brecker: Flugelhorn & Trumpet, Ernie Royal: Flugelhorn & Trumpet, Alan Reuben: Flugelhorn and Trumpet, Babe Clarke: Saxophone, Seldon Powell: Saxophone, Garnett Brown: Trombone, Jack Jeffers: Bass Trombone, Jeff Hest: Associate Producer, Tony Mottola: Associate Producer

One by One

The Free Design

Full Album $ 12.00
One by One $ 1.30
Felt So Good $ 1.30
Friendly Man $ 1.30
Light My Fire $ 1.30
Like to Love $ 1.30
You Are My Sunshine $ 1.30
Go Lean on a River $ 1.30
Going Back $ 1.30
Love Me $ 1.30
Friends (Thank You All) $ 1.30
Four Love Seasons [Live] $ 1.30
One by One [Live] $ 1.30
Where Do I Go [Live] $ 1.30
Like to Love [Live] $ 1.30
Friends (Thank You All) [Live] $ 1.30