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Heaven/Earth was released in 1969, and for the most part continues the soft, psychedelic pop of the first two records. “You Be You and I’ll Be Me” spices up a typically elaborate vocal arrangement with an uptempo, percussive rock groove and a horn chart similar to concurrent Blood, Sweat & Tears or Chicago. However, the surprisingly cynical “2002: A Hit Song” provides the most spark on the record, suggesting that The Free Design weren’t satisfied with their niche market. The singers outline a brief formula for a chart-topper (directed to the “teenyboppers”), only to admit in frustration, “We did all this last time, and it did not work.” Elsewhere, the funky jazz take on George Gershwin’s “Summertime” offers evidence that the band were willing to step out of the mold they’d crafted for themselves. The reissue includes both sides of a solo single by Ellen Dedrick and several tracks featuring the band as backing singers for a 1968 LP by future music-mogul Tommy Mottola. — Dominique Leone , June 28, 2004
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Heaven Earth

The Free Design

Full Album $ 12.00
My Very Own Angel $ 1.30
Now is the Time $ 1.30
If I Were a Carpenter $ 1.30
You Be You and I'll Be Me $ 1.30
Girls Alone $ 1.30
A Hit Song $ 1.30
Summertime $ 1.30
Where Do I Go $ 1.30
Hurry Sundown $ 1.30
Memories $ 1.30
Dorian Benediction $ 1.30
Nature Boy $ 1.30
Settlement Boy $ 1.30
Do You Know the Way to San Jose $ 1.30
With a Little Help From My Friends $ 1.30
Scarborough Fair $ 1.30
Kites Are Fun $ 1.30
Going Out of My Head $ 1.30
I Found Love $ 1.30